Benefits of Panelized Construction:

Lumber Efficiency
We use lumber more efficiently, so our customer will receive greater value from each piece of wood. Our mission is to optimize jobs intending to lead to a reduction in linear feet of lumber used in a project.

Time Savings
Wall Components can speed up project duration and as a result save labor costs. Our manufacturing plant is more efficient because the plant can operate everyday regardless of weather.

Controlled Scheduling
Wall Components can be delivered on site when the framing crew is ready.

Job site Assembly
Less labor is involved in job site assembly; wall components, roof and floor trusses are installed in a fraction of the time.

Reduce Cleanup
Wall Components do not contribute to waste at the job site, clean up is quicker and easier.

Wall Components have a high structural reliability engineered to last a lifetime. We produce our materials in a controlled environment indoors which minimizes weather damage and job site theft.